If You Need Help Writing

Living that digital nomad life, writing in Florence, Italy.

Living that digital nomad life, writing in Florence, Italy.

If you’re serious about improving your work, becoming a dedicated writer, or freelancer, consider investing in yourself to take it to the next level.

I’m the kind of person who needs help, a clear plan, and accountability to actually get things done. That’s why I’ve taken more classes than I can count, hired coaches, and made sure that I have someone waiting for my work. That’s what helped me get published in The New York Times, Elle, Vice, and Slate. It’s what got me my agent. It helped me quit wasting time, finally call myself a writer, and become a full-time freelancer.


If you need help making these changes, here’s how I can help.

Writer's Welcome Kit

The Writer’s Welcome Kit is an online course that aims to save new writers 100 hours of work and worry as they go from wanting to be a writer to working to be a writer. It’s the first e-course that combines the information new writers need with the resources professional writers use to get published. I wrote the course and provide all coaching through Hugo House. Click on the link above to check out the various levels of the 6-week course. 


You’ll get feedback on your work and a plan to move forward toward a completed piece. We’ll mirror the process you’ll go through later with agents and editors to not only prepare a single piece, but train you to be a professional who knows how to go through the editing process later.

The Year I Started Taking Writing Seriously

To make the shift to dedicated writer, you’ll send in your responses to the prompts in Welcome to the Writer’s Life one chapter at a time. I will personally review each packet, answer any questions you have about writing, and return comments. If you know you tend to wander off on yourself after making a promise to do something, I’ll keep you on track. We’ll work together for 6 weeks to have you complete the book and make a plan for yourself to continue working and make this the year you start taking writing seriously.

Full-time Job to Freedom to Write

Stuck in a cubicle? I’ve been there, escaped, and now I’m going back to free the others! Together we’ll make a business plan to get you out of the office walls and into a freelance routine that buys you time to write. We’ll look at the psychology of getting the work done, how to think like an entrepreneur, and how to network to create your freelancing business and make a plan for launch. I’ll show you the steps that helped me launch my writing career over this three-month program.


Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss which program is right for you.


 What other students are saying:

“Before working with Paulette, I had a dozen unfinished short stories that were scattered about like miscellaneous engine parts. As much as I wanted to assemble them into something cohesive, I was plagued by procrastination, disorganization and doubt. Paulette helped me set realistic deadlines and showed me where I was getting stuck. Paulette has been a huge catalyst in my writing practice. She strikes a perfect balance between honesty and empathy, and has a great sense of humor.”

-Annabel Sherwood

"When I started the coaching with Paulette, I didn't know how to write aside from reading and 1,000 words a day. Paulette offered small writing exercises to help me work outside my comfort zone, recommended resources and literary magazines where I could learn more about the industry, and offered support and constructive feedback the entire time. When I fell behind, she encouraged me to keep going and work through my obstacles. Now I've become a regular at my library, have a growing writer's network, and techniques to help dig myself out of writer's block. I also got my first writing job as a copywriter, thanks to Paulette."

-Martin Sorensen


“I was stuck before working with Paulette. I had ideas and when deeply inspired, I would write. I got stuck because I didn’t have systems or schedules that worked for me, and I was in the habit of setting unrealistic goals which I did not meet. Paulette helped me identify where I was strong and where I needed help. She gave me practical suggestions that helped me organize my writing, stick to a schedule and keep going even when uninspired. I still get stuck at times but now I’m able to get unstuck by relying on Paulette’s suggestions. Her coaching was invaluable and continues to be invaluable. I look forward to working with Paulette again.”

-Jennifer McDermott